Saturday, November 8, 2014

Shibuya Festival 2014 in Yoyogi Park / 渋谷フェスティバルin代々木公園 2014

Last week was a three-day weekend here in Japan, Monday being Culture Day.  So after having English conversation with burgers on Saturday, checking out Tokyo University of Agriculture's Harvest Festival and Setagaya's Raku Ichi Raku Za, I thought I was going to have a day of rest on this holiday.  But I received a call from a friend who invited us to join him and some other friends at Shibuya's Yoyogi Park for the Shibuya Festival.


Mini train.  There was a larger locomotive with some other cars attached for a little kiddie ride.


Before meeting up with our friends, we decided to buy a couple of food items.  We decided to start off with the Akita Prefecture delicacy - kiritanpo (its rice on a stick and topped with miso).


Staff busy preparing kiritanpo.


Kiritanpo / きりたんぽ

And Korean chijimi.


My friends, 21 (that's his nickname) sitting in the foreground.  The guy standing is Ken, an old classmate of Mikako's since elementary school.  His wife is the woman wearing the mask.


Ken's second son Ryohei and 21's daughter Rino.


Ken's older son standing behind Ryohei is Keita.


Hero show with Tokyu Ranger was in progress when Mikako and I showed up at Yoyogi Park.


It was either Ken or Testu (who joined us a little later) brought some red wine from Bulgaria.  Salta Terra Merlot 2006.  Regional wine from the Thracian valley.  This is what is written on the back label: Color of the wine is rich with violet-blue shades, attractive odor of cherries and ripe red and black forest fruits.  Well remembered taste, impressively juicy and soft, with a fresh final of fruits.

健ちゃんかテッちゃんが赤ワインをを持ってきた。サルタテラ メルロー2006年。ブルガリア産のワインでした。上記の英文はワインのうしろのラベルで書かれたことです。日本語はございませんでした。ブルガリア語も書いてあったが、当然それは読めない。

It was time to go on another food run.  Once again, the Texas BBQ stand was participating at this festival.  Of course I had to buy a barbecued meat assortment there.  Aged roast steak, smoked sausage and smoked bacon.


Just take a look at the pics below.  It may not be America, but it is smoked meats and barbecue!


Someone else bought some pork jowls (or chin).  This was pretty good too.


A small gathering of friends.


Nihon shu from Akita Prefecture.


Conger eel / 穴子寿司
Grilled mackerel / 焼鯖
The kids must have their dessert.  This is warabi mochi from Kyoto.
The mushroom soup looked really good too but instead of just the soup we decided to have mushroom soba.
Mushroom Soba / きのこそば

We ran out of wine so someone went to this booth that was selling beer and wine from the Czech Republic.  We tried a white wine called Rudgerus.
And finally, Ken with his third son, Ryunosuke.
Next festival: Spain Festival at Yoyogi Park on the 29th and 30th.  Of course I'm going.

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