Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Walk around the Todoroki Valley (Part 1) / 等々力渓谷の散歩 (パート1)

I had meant to write this post a little over a year ago.  Last May, as I retired from my employer of 20 some odd years and started at a new place, I made quick friends with my new co-workers and we made a plan to walk around the Todoroki Valley on a Saturday. 


Todoroki Station / 等々力駅
Suzuki Family Warehouse
I think I met up with my co-worker around 11am for a walk.  And we headed off to the valley.

Yes, I have written about this valley before.  My mother read my blog and when she found herself in Japan on her own (without the family), this was one of the places in Tokyo she wanted to check out.
An old burial site / 昔のお墓
The actual burial site / 本物の墓
Our walk will continue...


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