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Loud Park 2014 (Day 2 - First Half) / ラウドパーク 2014 (二日目 前半)

Day 2 of Loud Park.  An unfortunate announcement.  The band I most wanted to see and who where scheduled to be the headliners - King Diamond had cancelled.  Apparently the ship carrying the tour set was stuck in China for over a week and wouldn't make it to Japan on time.  And King Diamond being the professional he is refused to give his fans a less than 100% show.  Which means, guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen is now the evening's headliner.

ラウドパーク二日目に悲しいお知らせがあった。予定してたヘッドライナー、キング・ダイヤモンドがキャンセルになった。ショボン! 凄い楽しみにしてたのに。キング・ダイヤモンドが自分のホムページでその理由を発表致しました。ステージセットが日本に間に合わない為キャンセルになりました。彼もプロなので、ファンの前に中途半端のライブは絶対やらないと宣言しました。ってことで、今夜のヘッダライナーがいきなりインギになった!

And yes, I'm back at the Saitama Super Arena before 10am so I could catch the first set by a band called Metal Clone X.  This band features former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman and the vocalist from Taiwanese band Chthonic Freddie Lim.  This is pretty much a cover band doing metal versions of songs by popular Japanese idol - Momoiro Clover Z.  But the biggest surprise of their set was the guest appearance of popular Japanese Enka (tradition Japanese song) singer Aki Yashiro.  It seems Marty has written a song for her.  An Enka Queen taking part in a metal show - now that's entertainment.

はい、また朝10時からさいたまスーパーアリーナに来てました。最初に出るアーティストを見る為に。今日で一番にステージで立つのはMetal Clone X。とにかくメンバーが凄い。ギターは元メガデスのマーティ・フリードマン。ボカリストが台湾のデス系バンドソニック、フレディ・リム。曲はほぼももいろクローバZのカバです。でもまだびっくりすることは早いよ。なんとゲストボカリストが現れ、その人物は演歌の女王ー八代亜紀!そう、演歌歌手がメタルイベントに参加!なぜと言えば、マーティが彼女に曲を提供したらしい。これこそエンターテインメントだな!

Enka Queen - Aki Yashiro rockin' out! / 演歌歌手 ー 八代亜紀がヘッドバンギン!

01 Overture 鉄色クローンX参上!!
02 Chai Maxx
03 行くぜっ!怪盗少女
04 雨の慕情 (featuring 八代亜紀)
05 MU-JO (featuring 八代亜紀)
06 猛烈宇宙交響曲・第七楽章『無限の愛』
The next band although from California features a Japanese guitarist who used to be in a popular Japanese rock band - Siam Shade. The band is Breaking Arrows. 
次のバンドはアメリカ、カリフォルニア州出身の若手ですが、ギターリストがなんと日本人。元Siam Shadeのメンバー、伊藤Daita!バンド名はBreaking Arrows!

Breaking Arrows had a guest drummer for their Loud Park debut - a lady drummer from Japanese 3 piece rock band, Fuzzy Control.
Breaking Arrowsがラウドパークデビューにゲストドラマー参加。日本の3ピースロックバンドFuzzy ControlのSatoko! 結構かっこいい!
01 Down Low
02 Run
03 Breaking to Pieces
04 Hit Me Again
05 In Too Deep
06 Perfect Drug
07 Tears Falling Heavy
Following Breaking Arrows was a Swedish band keeping the spirit of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal alive - Enforcer!
N.W.O.B.H.Mを尊敬されてるスエーデン出身のバンド ー Enforcer!
01 Bells Of Hades
02 Death Rides This Night
03 Mesmerized By Fire
04 Katana
05 On the Loose
06 Scream of the Savage
07 Take Me Out Of This Nightmare
08 Silent Hour / The Conjugation
09 Midnight Vice
Beer Break / ビールタイム

I've seen this man somewhere before!


Before grabbing a bite to eat, I had to check out the next band as well who only sing in Finnish.  Yep, yet another Scandinavian band - this one called Mokoma.



01 Kuollut, kuolleempi, kuollein
02 Kasvot kohti itää
03 Punainen kukko
04 Valapatto
05 Rautaa rinnoista
06 Marras
07 Pahaa verta
08 Hei hei heinäkuu
09 Takatalvi

Finland represent continues with Amorphis!



01 Shades Of Gray
02 Narrow Path
03 Sky Is Mine
04 Silver Bride
05 Into Hiding
06 My Kantele
07 Nightbird's Song
08 Hopeless Days
09 House of Sleep

Dinner break - even metalheads have to eat ya know.
After dinner - one of the artists I had been waiting to see!  King Diamond may not be playing tonight but I will get to see the world's first (and maybe only) Japanese Metal / Idol band - Babymetal.  The music is pure metal but the singers are three junior high school aged girls!  You would have been amazed at how excited the crowd was for this artist.
Loved their little introduction!
 "The followers of Hell..."

"Not these guys!"
The Metal Resistance is about to start!


 A miracle on the stage at the last Summer Sonic event.

 The Metal Masters came to watch us perform on stage - that would be the guys from Metallica!

Damn, that was one heck of an entertaining set!
2.Kimi To Anime Ga Mitai ~Answer for Animation With You~ 
3.Catch me if you can 
5.Benitsuki -Akatsuki- 
7.Ijime, Dame, Zettai
And there is still the second of the night to go!!

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