Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Loud Park 2014 (Day 2 - 2nd Half) / ラウドパーク 2014 (二日目 後半)

The show continues on Day 2 at Saitama Super Arena.  After banging my head to Babymetal, it was back to some standard metal with Floridians and Loud Park veterans - Trivium.


01 Throes of Perdition
02 Down From the Sky
03 Becoming The Dragon
04 Brave This Storm
05 Strife
06 A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation
07 Kirisute Gomen
08 Shogun
(tape Capsizing the Sea)
09 In Waves
10 Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr

Next up - stoner band with Michael Amott of Arch Enemy and Carcass fame - Spiritual Beggars! Personally, I love stoner music - Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Fu Manchu so I really should get buy some Spiritual Beggars cds!



01 Wise As a Serpent
02 One Man Army
03 Turn the Tide
04 Hello Sorrow
05 Fools Gold
06 Dreamer
07 Kingmaker
08 Blind Mountain
09 Euphoria

And yet another Finnish band - power metallers Stratovarius.  This year's Loud Park seems more like a Scandinavian rock festival - not that that's a bad thing!  As a fan of power metal, no complaints here.

またもやフィンランド出身のバンド。パワーメタルのスタラトヴァリアス。今年のラウドパークはスカンディナヴィアロックフェスになってる! ま、悪いことではないけどね。パワーメタル好きな僕はこのセットも楽しかった。


01 Under Flaming Skies
02 Speed of Light
03 Halcyon Days
04 Dragons
05 Fantasy
06 A Million Light Years Away
07 Eagleheart
08 Destiny
09 Keyboard Solo
10 Black Diamond
11 Forever
12 Unbreakable
13 Hunting High and Low

And the next band is one keeping the spirit of Ronnie James Dio alive!  Last in Line featuring former members of Dio - Vivian Campbell, Jimmy Bain, Vinnie Appice, Claude Schnell, with former Hurrican, Lynch Mob vocalist Andrew Freedman.  I was fortunate enough to see Ronnie James Dio for the Black Sabbath "Heaven and Hell" and "The Mob Rules" tours but I never did get a chance to see him perform as a solo artist.

そしてロニー・ジェイムズ・ディオが蘇る為に結成したバンド、ラスト・イン・ライン。元ディオメンバーのヴィヴィアン・キャンベル、ジミー・ベイン、ヴィニー・アピス、クロード・シュネル、と元ハリケーンやリンチ・モブのボカリストアンドリュー・フリードマン。 自分はロニーを見たのはブラック・サバスの「ヘヴン・アンド・ヘル」と「モブ・ルールズ」のツアーで見たことあるが、残念ながらディオの単独ライブは見たことない。

01 Stand Up and Shout
02 Straight Through the Heart
03 King of Rock and Roll
04 Don't Talk to Strangers
05 Sacred Heart
06 Evil Eyes
07 Holy Diver
08 I Speed at Night 
09 The Last in Line
10 Invisible
11 Rainbow in the Dark
12 We Rock
Next up - Swedish guitar virtuoso - Yngwie Malmsteen!  Do I need to say more?
そして今夜のヘッドライナーになったギターの神様、イングヴェイ・マルムスティーン! 他に言うことはないよね!



01 Voodoo Chile (riff only)
02 Rising Force
03 Spellbound
04 Damnation Game
05 Repent
06 Overture
07 From A Thousand Cuts (snippet)
08 Arpeggios From Hell
09 Start Me Up (The Rolling Stones cover) (riff only)
10 hiroshima mon amour (Alcatrazz song) (snippet)
11 Badinerie (Bach cover) (snippet)
12 Adagio (Niccolò Paganini cover)
13 Far Beyond The Sun
14 Acoustic Guitar Solo
15 Prelude To April (snippet)
16 Dreaming (Tell Me)
17 Into Valhalla (snippet)
18 Masquerade (snippet)
19 Baroque And Roll (snippet)
20 Trilogy Suite Op: 5 (snippet)
21 Krakatau (snippet)
22 Blue
23 Fugue
24 Drum Solo
25 Heaven Tonight
26 I'll See The Light Tonight
27 Guitar Crash
And as a tribute for the band that had to cancel!
This bummed me out no end.

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