Thursday, April 24, 2014

Japanese Microbrew Tour - Nagano Prefecture / 日本地ビールツアー - 長野県

More Japanese microbrews (or should I call them craft beers now?) from Nagano Prefecture.  These are from Yo-Ho Brewing, the makers of Yona Yona Beer and Aooni.  I just love the designs of the cans.  The naming of the beers are pretty amusing too.


First up is Tokyo Picnic.  Although printed on the can is "Beerstyle Bergian White", I'm sure they meant Belgian, as this is a white beer similar to Hoegaarden beer.  Just the naming of the beer makes you want to relax at some park on a nice day and actually have a Tokyo picnic.


This is another Belgian White style beer (the spelling was right on this can).  The name of the beer is Suiyobi No Neko which translates to "Wedneday's Cat" which is why there is a picture of cat on the can.  Perhaps the brewing company was targeting women to drink more beer by creating cute designs on their cans.


A beer to give to your picky friends.  This is called "Konomi nante Kiitenaize, Sorry" which translates to "I didn't ask what kind of beer you like, Sorry".  How can you not like a beer with a name like that?  This is an Imperial Porter.  If you like dark beers than this is one to try.

ビール通を気取るやつにあげたいビールですね。「好みなんて聞いてないぜ SORRY」ってネーミング面白すぎ。中身はインペリアルポーター。黒ビールが好きならこれはいけるよ。

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