Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Walk around Atago Jinja & other Shrines / 愛宕神社周辺の散歩と他のお寺・神社巡り

After having lunch at the new pizza joint in my neighborhood, it was time to meet up with my friend in Ningyocho.  We were going to head out to Atago Jinja then maybe relax with a glass of wine and some cheese at a nearby cheese specialty shop.  (Yes, some of you may have already gathered that our meeting place is not near Atago Jinja, but I will get to that later).


Much to my embarrassment, Atago Jinja's closest station was Toranomon, not Ningyocho, but since my I was already meeting my friend here, I would have to wait for him and then we would have to do a little backtracking to go to Toranomon station and then walk to the Atago area.  So instead of going to Atago Jinja, we decided to have our wine and cheese first.  I introduced my friend to Tokyo's only specialty cheese shop (that I know of) called Fermier.


Fermier delivery truck / フェルミエの配達トラック
The Cheese Case / チーズケース
More cheeses in the case at the far end / 奥にもチーズケースが
3 cheese assortment / 3類のチーズ盛り合わせ
Don't you just love that the staff will provide a map to let you know what kind of cheese you're eating.  Going clockwise from under the raisins - Roquefort, Mimolette, and Coulommiers.  My friend chose the 5 cheese assort but I had neglected to take a picture of his plate.  And we decided to have the house red which was a Portuguese wine.
Next stop - Atago Jinja.  I have written about this place in a previous post and also have taken my mother here are her previous trip to Japan.  I decided to come back as lately I've been collecting goshuin from various temples and shrines. 
次の目的地 - 愛宕神社。前にも愛宕神社のネタも書きましたし、お母さんが以前日本に来た時も一緒に参りましたし、でも今回来た理由は最近はまってる御朱印の集まりです。

Atago Jinja is famous for its "Stone Steps to Success".
Very steep steps.
Atago Jinja Temple Seal / 愛宕神社の御朱印
Temple Cat? / 神社の猫?

Afterwards, we decided to head to Tsukiji Honganji.
Tsukiji Honganji / 築地本願寺
No temple seals at Tsukiji Honganji.  So we went to Namiyoke Inari Jinja as well.

Namiyoke Inari Jinja / 波除稲荷神社
A Monument to Eggs! / 玉子塚
Foxes in their little bibs! / キツネの家族だ!
Namiyoke Inari Jinja's Seal / 波除稲荷神社の御朱印
And one goofy shot to finish this post.

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