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T.Y. Harbor Brewery / ティー・ワイ・ハーバー・ブルワリー

After having my English language class (for two friends, Ryoko and Yukie), one of them said they were meeting another mutual friend Testsu the following weekend - somewhere in Shibuya for lunch.  But after our main lesson, we were talking about craft beers and I mentioned this restaurant I've been wanting to to go for a long time.  The last time I went, the place was closed for reservations.  I am talking about the TY Harbor Brewery on Tennoz Isle.  So, instead of meeting for lunch, I suggested to Ryoko, how about if we talk Tetsu in going to TY Harbor instead.  We decided to keep this lunch date to a minimum so it was only going to be four of us - Me, Ryoko, Testsu, and another mutual friend named Hama.


Here is T.Y. Harbor's craft beer menu.  Tetsu was already at the restaurant waiting for the rest of us enjoying an IPA.  I arrived second and ordered the imperial stout.  Ryoko mailed us earlier and said she was feeling under the weather and wouldn't make it.  Hama arrived about a half-hour late.  I was late too but it was a nice day, and we were going to enjoy the craft beers as well as the food on the menu!

これはT.Y.Harborの地ビールメニュー。テッちゃんが一番最初に店に着いた。もうビール飲んでるよと連絡もあった。僕はその直後に到着。涼子ちゃんは朝から体調不良でやっぱりドタキャンになりました(計画した人だったのに)。浜ちゃんも30分遅れで到着。 テッちゃんの最初の一杯はIPA。黒ビール好きの僕はもちろんインペリアルスタウトから始まり!

T.Y. Harbor's IPA and Imperial Stout
I know that it would be hard to know which beer is which as they were all served in a glass with the same design.  According to their menu, there were two guest beers for the month of March and April.  One was from my aunt's neighborhood in Kansai called Minoh Beer which offered something called a Yuzu White.  The other guest beer was from Heretic Brewing out of Fairfield, California and was offering a Gramarye Rye Pale Ale.  I think the glass on the left is the Yuzu White.  Ah, but the beer on the right wasn't the Heretic beer but T.Y. Harbor's Wheat Ale
頼んだビールが全て似た様なガラスで来るからどっちのビールが入ってるのは分かりづらい。メニューを見たら、TY Harborにゲストビールもあった。ひとつは大阪府の箕面ビールのゆずハワイト。もう一つのゲストビールはアメリカカリフォルニア州フェアフィルドのヘレティックブルーイングのグラマリーライペールエール。 確か左側のほうが箕面ビールのゆずハワイト。右側はカリフォルニアのビールではなくTY Harborのウィートエール。

This is the pale ale which I believe Tetsu ordered while we were eating.

これはTY Harborのアンバーエール。 食べながら飲むのは最高ですね。

And now on to the food.  We decided to order three separate main dishes and share them.  We also ordered an appetizer and a salad.  And I must say, all of it was delicious!


We started simply with a half size order of the Caesar salad.


And a dish that most Japanese are unfamiliar with.  This was T.Y. Harbor's Cajun spicy chicken and mushroom quesadilla with guacamole and sour cream.

日本人だあんまり馴染みのないケイジャンチキン、エリンギのケサディア ワカモレサルサとサワークリーム。

Another beer break with T.Y. Harbor's Amber Ale.

そして、次の地ビールはT.Y. Harborのアンバーエール。

Are you ready to check out the main dishes?


Grilled Australian sirloin steak with black peppercorn sauce.

豪州産牛のサーロインステーキ、 ペッパーコーンソース。

Rigatoni with creamy mushroom sauce and guanciale.

豚ホホ肉と茸のクリームソース リガトーニ。

BeePulled BBQ pork dog with coleslaw, chipotle mayonnaise and fries.

バーベキュー ポークドックチポトレマヨネーズソースとコールスロー。

Hama and I were pretty full but Tetsu decided to order the soup of the day as well.


Mushroom cream soup.  I had a taste and this also was delicious.

マッシュルームクリームスープ。 一口食べました。その一口でも最高に美味しかったよ。

The view from our table.


After our delicious lunch, we walked for a bit around Tennoz Isle before heading towards Shinagawa and going our separate ways home.


Bon Appetit!


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