Monday, February 3, 2014

Taimeiken / たいめいけん

My mother has a real good memory.  She knew there was a well known restaurant that served Western-style cooking near the Bank of Tokyo and that is exactly where we decided to have lunch.  The place has been in business since 1931.  Heck, the restaurant is a year older than my father!!

僕のお母さんの記録はすごいわ。若い頃働いた銀行の時、近くに有名な洋食屋があると覚え、昼食はそこで決定。老舗のみせ「レストラン たいめいけん」。創業昭和6年!凄くない?僕お父さんより一個上!!

The specialty of this restaurant is definitely the tanpopo omurice (the dandelion rice omelet).  Very delicious.  And for you prawn lovers, I would recommend this place as well.

What?  It looks rather plain you say.  Just a regular omelet set on top of some ketchup rice?  That's what it may look like.  But wait until you cut into the omelet.


Top it with a little ketchup and you're in food heaven!


And this for the prawn lovers.


It was a bit windy as we left the restaurant and headed towards Ginza.


This would be my last full day with the family as I would have to go back to work and they would be headed back to Seattle.  Time sure goes by fast when you're having so much fun.  I definitely need to make a trip back home soon.


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