Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kyushu Fair in Yoyogi Park 2013 / 九州フェアin代々木 2013

Oh my, I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since I've updated my blog!   And I always have so much to write about.  Apologies to my blog followers.


It's too bad my sister couldn't stick around for one more weekend before heading back to the States.  If she did, then we would have taken her and Tyrone to Yoyogi Park again for the Kyushu Festival.


Food and drinks with friends / 友達と食べて騒ぐ
Nice weather and still not too crowded / 良い天気でまだ混雑してない
Sweet potatoes! / 焼き芋!

Oysters! / カキ!
Tsumajidori Chanpon / 妻地鶏ちゃんぽん
Chicken Wings / 手羽先
More snacks / おやつだ
Yum, grilled meat on skewers! / 大好きな串焼きだ!
Charcoal grilled chicken / 炭火焼の地鶏
Of course there is gyoza! / もちろん餃子あるよ!
Cheers with beers / ビールで乾杯
Kyushu means Sasebo!  Sasebo means Sasebo Burger!  But this year I decided to pass on having one.
九州と言えば佐世保。佐世保と言えばバーガー、佐世保バーガー! でも今年は遠慮しました。

But my burger loving friend decided to have one.
Lots of mascots at this festival too.
The festivity continues...

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