Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Uokushi Sakurasaku / 魚串 さくらさく

Uh-oh, looks like its time to make my mother jealous again.  Our friends in Chiba took us to an izakaya that mostly features seafood.  But not just your standard grilled fish or sashimi.  No, this restaurant's specialty is serving fish on skewers.  This is actually a chain shop but since our friends live in Chiba and we spent all day Sunday there, we had dinner at the Nishi Kasai branch.


We started off our dinner with these scallops on the shell.


This is something my friend Reiko was craving.  It is a dish called umesuisho which is shark cartilage with plum sauce.

友達の玲ちゃんがどうしてもこれを食べたかった、梅水晶。 サメ軟骨梅和え。

 Before starting on our fish skewers, we had some fresh yellowtail sashimi.


Fried oysters on a stick!


Lets see, what do we have here?  Starting from the left - puffer fish, scallops, rockfish with basil sauce, avocado (fresh tastes better), and grape tomatoes.

さて、なにが出たかな? 左から ー ふぐ、帆立バター、すずきのバジル、アボカド焼き (アボカドは焼きじゃないほうが良い)、ミニトマト焼き。

Maitake mushroom! / 舞茸!

 Mackerel / 鯖
 Deep-fried garlic and lotus root / にんにく揚げとレンコン揚げ

 Onions with miso and small sweet peppers! / ねぎ味噌焼きとししとう!

And finally, we ended our meal with freshly cut bonita.  I remember my mother using that contraption.  And the thing the waitress is peeling which is as hard as wood, is where the bonita flakes come from.

最後に食べたのは削りたて!生かつお節。 お母さんがあれを使ったこと思い出す。 まさかあの固い木みたいなものがかつお節の元とはびっくり。

Well Mom, I guess you will have to come back to Tokyo to enjoy all the fish on the skewers!


Bon Appetit!


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