Thursday, November 7, 2013

Boat Race Edogawa / 江戸川競艇

A new experience for me and Mikako - betting on boat races!!!  Last Sunday as we spent the day in Chiba with friends, the afternoon found us in a place called Funabori where the Edogawa Boat Races are held.  They don't compare to Seattle's Seafair Hydroplane Races but these races are like horse racing on the water. 


Guardians to the entrance to the Boat Race.


My first ever boat race betting ticket.  Lost on this race though.


You can see the Tokyo Sky Tree from the boat races.


Okay, one more time!  This ticket which cost 600yen earned us 5640yen!  Yep, we scored!

はい、もう一回! この件が600円でしたが、レース終了後、5640円になった!!勝った!

Garbage flows down the river, so it needs cleaning after a few races.


This critter munches your losing tickets!


Just looking at the pictures of the boats probably doesn't give you any idea of what the races are like, check my two short video clips.


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