Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day Trip to Nikko (Part 7) / 日光日帰り旅行 (パート7)

Yes, yes, I know its taking me a while to complete my Nikko Day Trip post but there was the family trip, work of course, and another concert, and watching loads and loads of movie (I've been neglecting reading books).  Anyway, I figured its time to continue my travel post.

はいはい、わかってますよ。日光日帰り旅行のネタ中々進んでません。 いろいろありましてね、家族が日本に来たり、通常の仕事、ライブ、何枚の映画鑑賞など。読書は最近やってませんけどね。そろそろ旅のネタの続き書かないっと。

Kegon Waterfall / 華厳の滝
I came across a couple of interesting characters before heading down for a closer look at the waterfall.  Innovative advertising for fried yuba (made from tofu) and yuba croquette.

 A corridor (and it was really cold going through there) that leads to the main viewing point for the waterfall.


 The wife and I at Kegon Waterfall / 華厳の滝の前の僕と妻
Was it something I ate? / 食べ物に当たったかな?
If you could read Japanese, you would see the humor in this pic.  The sign in front of my friend says, "Ooki Buta-man" which if translated directly would be "Large Pig Man".  Of course "butaman" is actually a hot bun filled with pork.
We then headed to one more shrine before making the drive home.
Lake Chuzenji / 中禅寺湖
The trip continues...(I promise, the next post will be the last post for the Nikko Day Trip)

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