Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Extreme Spice Gourmet Festival 2 / 激辛グルメ祭り 2

Yes, I went again for the second time.  Only this time it wasn't just me and my wife.  We were joined by three other friends on a very hot and humid day!!  We must have been crazy to come out on a day like this but it was the last day of the festival and we wanted to try some of the other dishes that we didn't get a chance to eat last week.


This is what I meant to eat last week from the Mexican restaurant [Fonda De La Madrugada], puntas Mexicanas


Very spicy chicken butter masala (and this did come with naan) from the Indian restaurant [Mandala].  Very delicious.


Tandoori chicken, also from [Mandala].  I was standing in line to get us some ramen from [Moukou Tanmen Nakamoto] which is why this is partially eaten.

「マンダラ」からタンドリーチキンも食べました。僕は「猛攻タンメン 中本」のラーメンの列に並んでたので、友達が先にいただきました。

Original ramen for this event produced by [Moukou Tanmen Nakamoto].  Damn, this was good!!

「猛攻タンメン 中本」がイベントのために作ったオリジナルメニュー。 辛さは1倍から5倍まで選べる。私たちが食べたのは4倍の辛さ! また店に行きたくなるよ。

And to mellow things out, some chips with salsa and guacamole.


We were going to cool down somewhere but since I told my friends I had never been to a batting center, they decided to take me to one.  I was really bad at this but decided not to post the short video clip of me swinging and hitting nothing.  My wife did better than me.  And then we went bowling.  My average has dropped to 125 (I guess that's not so bad).


As one of my friends went home for the Obon holiday, he brought back an Osorozan Beer for me.  A stout at that too.


Our friends also gave us a Dinosaur Egg!!


After bowling, we had free coupons for a crane game at a game center and I managed to score Akira senpai from the animated show [Kamiusagi Lope].  Here is Akira senpai with Ekekko-san.


But check this out, our dinosaur hatched a couple of days later.


But did we go home after bowling and hitting the game center?  No, we went to an izakaya for dinner where a glass of beer was only 90yen (but only until the end of this month).


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