Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Gunma Weekend Getaway (Part 5) Haruna Jinja (Part 2) / 群馬小旅行 (パート5) 榛名神社 (パート2)

Before I continue our tour of Haruna Jinja, I have a couple more bonus pictures of cherry blossoms in full bloom.


I believe this is Bishamonten, god of warriors.


The main shrine / 榛名神社の本堂

Yes, we made it!  And it stopped raining for a spell.

着いた! そして雨も止んだ。

Shrine details / 本堂の細かい部分

Detailed wood carvings - I never get tired of looking at these.


Another look at the main shrine / 本堂また眺める

I hope that rock doesn't fall!! / あの岩なんか落ちそうですね

You can't help to stop to admire the large trees surrounding the shrine.


Okay, it started raining again / あ~あ、また雨が降り出した

Miyukiden / 神幸殿

And now for the long walk back to the car / そして車への戻り道

Good-bye Haruna Jinja / さよなら榛名神社

We shall now be on our way to Sekizenkan at Shima Onsen.

さて、メインの目的地に向かいます、もちろん四万温泉にある老舗の旅館 - 積善館!

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