Friday, July 5, 2013

Gunma Weekend Getaway (Part 3) Takasaki Kannon (Part 3) / 群馬小旅行 (パート3) 高崎観音 (パート3)

I know what you're thinking.  We're still at the Takasaki Kannon???  When are we going to Shima Onsen?  Patience, patience.  Check in at the inn isn't until later in the evening.  So we still had time to explore.


Ojizo-san / お地蔵さん

Ko On-do / 光音堂

Stairway to Kannon? / 観音への階段?

The owl on the left is not real but the one in the middle is.


See, I told you it was real.


We did a little hiking and this bridge was our goal.


Travel partner in the middle of the bridge / 橋に旅仲間が立ってる

Looking down from the bridge / 橋の上から下を見る

Well okay, the bridge isn't anything special.  The Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver is a lot more exciting.


Hiking back to the parking lot / 駐車場に戻る途中

And a little snack before heading off to our next destination.


Next stop - Haruna Jinja!


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