Saturday, September 8, 2012

Suntory Espressoda / サントリー エスプレソーダー

"A taste of bold coffee and refreshing soda".

Yep, that's what's written on the bottle.  My opinion?  Blech!!  Then again, I am not a coffee drinker, but I just cannot pass up something that sounds so wrong - like putting pineapples on pizza (yeah, I know there are many lovers of Canadian bacon and pineapple pizzas but I am not one of them!).  I will have to ask my coffee drinking friends to try this and get their opinions, but I for one, cannot recommend it.  However, it does make for a good blog post though, don't you think?

自分の感想! 不味い!ま、自分は珈琲を飲まない人なので仕方ありません。じゃ、なぜこれを買ったのと言えば、面白いから。そしてブログネタにぴったり。でもコーヒーとソーダーですよ、合うわけがない! コーヒー好きの人に聞いてみたい。

1 comment:

Rurousha said...

Eeuw! That's worse than Cucumber Pepsi! (@_@)

Heck no. Coffee must be strong, undiluted and preferably applied via intravenous therapy. :D