Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Walk around Nezu Jinja / 根津神社の散歩

And now for my main walk.  This is the entrance to Nezu Jinja.


Torii to Nezu Jinja / 根津神社の鳥居

Most likely the mikoshi storage buildings / 多分神輿の倉

A bit of history about Nezu Jinja.  

Here is bit more information for you temple and shrine enthusiasts.

I can tell you that the shrine was built in 1706.

No, this is not the main shrine.  


Do you see the turtles on the rocks in the foreground?


Shinkyo / 神橋

Sakuramon / 桜門

Karamon / 唐問

Honden / 本殿

Seido Toro (Seido-style Japanese lantern) / 青銅灯篭

Komainu / 狛犬

Entrance to Otomo Inari Jinja / 乙女稲荷神社の入り口

That's a lot of torii / 鳥居がどの位あるかね

How far does this continue? / どこまでつづくか?

Otome Inari Jinja / 乙女稲荷神社

Komagome Inari Jinja / 駒込稲荷神社

Lazy turtle catching a ride on a carp? / 怠けの亀が鯉におんぶ?

I really liked this area.  Unfortunately, it seems I missed taking a picture of one more item of interest - the "Bungo Ikoi no Ishi", a rock where writers such as Natsume Soseki and Ogai Mori were said to have sit and thought of ideas for their novels.


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Rurousha said...

Nezu in general and this shrine in particular are firm favourites.

I've sat on that rock! Haven't written a novel yet, though. :p