Monday, August 20, 2012

A Walk around Kumano Shrine, Chuo Park, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Part 3) / 熊野神社、中央公園と都庁の散歩 (パート3)

Kumano Shrine is located on one corner of Chuo Park, so my wanderings took me further into the park itself.  Here is one of the residents I came across.  But you know what I really love about these large municipal parks, its discovering the different statues and monuments within.


Kizuna / 絆

Ryo / 瞭

Kami / 髪

Yawaragi / 燮 (やわらぎ)

At Chuo Park there are two waterfalls, this one is called the Shiroito Waterfall.


On the opposite side of the Shiroito Waterfall is the Shinjuku Niagara Falls.


Its hard to tell from this picture, but you can see the top of the Yawaragi statue.


This is the Fujimidai Observation Spot which was closed due to damages suffered from the 3/11 quake last year.


Peace Bells / 平和の鐘

This was my favorite sculpture in Chuo Park.  Statue of Kuon (and relates to a samurai called Dokan Ota).


Another view of "Kami" / 別の角度から見る「髪」

Cool clock don't you think?  Next, I'm off to check out the view from the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.


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StarBrooke said...

Love the photos, especially of Yawaragi and the "falls". Thanks for sharing.