Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Walk around Kumano Shrine, Chuo Park, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Part 1) / 熊野神社、中央公園と都庁の散歩 (パート1)

I figured its about time that I return to some of my neighborhood walks posts.  I haven't been neglecting them on purpose.  A couple of weeks ago I was under the weather.  The cold just wouldn't go away, so I finally went to the hospital and discovered that it wasn't a cold after all, I was suffering from bronchitis!  Ugh.  I was prescribed some antibiotics and a few other meds.  Then work got really busy.  Then my cough returned.  Went to another clinic (my usual place was closed for the Obon holidays).  Fortunately it wasn't the return of bronchitis but I was prescribed some other meds and it seems to have taken care of the problem.

I've been curious about the Kumano Shrine since riding the bus from Shibuya to Shinjuku and discovering that it was one of the stops along the way.  Finally, on a recent day off I decided to check it out.



This shrine is part of the Shinjuku Mini Museum (I discovered the sign when I went there).


The first point of interest I came across was the mikoshi gura (portable shrine warehouse).


My apologies, but I am not going to translate what the sign says.

Details of an Edo Mikoshi

Information board showing what and where the cultural assets are.

Sign explaining the Juniso Monument. (Kind of hard to explain so I'm not going to translate this either).

Entrance to the shrine / 熊野神社の鳥居

Kumano Jinja / 熊野神社

Cultural assets found inside the main shrine are the Shichinin Yakusha Zu Ema (large prayer board featuring 7 Kabuki actors) drawn by a couple of up and coming Kabuki actors in 1773 (shown on the right) and the Shiki sanban Hounougaku (I'm not even going to try to explain).

The chouzuba (place to wash your hand before paying your respects at the shrine) / 熊野神社の手水場

Of course there is more to see but I shall continue another time...



Rurousha said...

Did you go there very early in the morning? It looks so quiet!

Tokyo Ern said...

Not that early, around 11am. However, my walks are always taken on a weekday. It was a Thursday. Not very crowded. Didn't get a chance to continue today.