Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pepsi Salty Watermelon / ペプシ 塩スイカ

Hey, it's summer and it looks like Pepsi was due to put out a new limited edition flavor.  This time around - salty watermelon.  It sounds really awful but a few years ago I had tried a watermelon flavored ramune which wasn't so bad.  Also, during my elementary years, my mother would serve watermelon to us kids in the summer and we would top it with salt (I thought it was a natural thing until a lot of my friends said "that's weird").  Then again, I always thought it was weird that my father would top his tomatoes with sugar (but that's another story).  Anyway, like the ramune, the salty watermelon flavored pepsi isn't bad.  I would say it's good either and I probably won't be buying it again.

夏だ!今年もペプシが限定の味出しました!今回は塩スイカ! ペプシと絶対合わないのいう人んもいるでしょうが、昔ラムネもスイカ味を出した。飲んだらそんなに悪くはなかった。だからこれもいけそうじゃない。子供のころもうちでスイカに塩もかけた記録もあるな。あれは普通と思いましたが、アメリカの友達何人がそれは変と言われた覚えもある。僕が思う変はトマトの砂糖をかけること(僕のお父さんがそういう人!)。 ま、一口飲んでみたらやっぱり予想通り、悪くはないが超美味しいとも言えない。ブログネタには面白いけど多分二度と買いませんね。やっぱりスイカは普通に食べたいね。

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Rurousha said...

Totally agreed: it's good, but I won't buy it again.

Sugar on your tomatoes? We (as in we South Africans) do that, too! Salt intensifies sweetness; sweet intensifies saltiness? Ain't opposites grand? ^^