Friday, May 18, 2012

3 Days with Mom Day 2 (Part 2) / お母さんとの三日間 二日目 (パート2)

Tokyo tour continues.  From Todoroki station we took a train to our next destination.  We are headed to the Atago Shrine which is famous for its "Shusse no Ishidan" (which I will explain later).


My mother thought this was interesting.  A "women's only" train car.  I told her its "women's only" during the morning until 10:00am.


It wasn't a long train ride until our next destination.  However, my mother would have to save her strength to walk up the "shusse no ishidan" which translates to the "Stairway to Success". The story goes that a lower ranked samurai rode up the steep stairs on his horse to deliver a plum gift to his lord.  The Shogun was so impressed and praised him as a great rider.


The "Shusse no Ishidan" (Stairway to Success) which is also the entrance to Atago Jinja.


This picture might give you an idea of how steep the stairs are.  Yes, that's my mother pictured at the bottom right.


My mother may seem a bit worn out after the climb but she made it on her own!


Atago Jinja / 愛宕神社

This shrine was established in 1603 by the order of Japan's first Shogun, Ieyasu Tokugawa.  It was built to protect the community from fire accidents.


Mom rubbing the "Maneki Ishi".  If you rub this rock, it will bring you good luck.


The Maneki Ishi


Some other shrines located near the main shrine.


Inari Jinja / 稲荷神社

Tarobo-sha / 太郎坊社

Mom as Saigo Takamori

Mom as Katsu Sesshu

Mom riding up the steps on horseback.

As the NHK Broadcasting Museum is also located on top of this hill across from Atago Shrine and the entrance fee being free, my mother wanted to check that out as well.  She is a big fan of the morning dramas on NHK.


If you are interested in the broadcasting museum, check out the URL below.


I was impressed with the puppet display that was currently being shown in one room.


We spent about an hour wandering around the broadcasting museum before heading off to our next destination.  The weather was still holding up as well.  We were getting a little hungry but it still seemed a little too early for lunch so I took my mother to this specialty cheese shop which is located a short walk away from Atago Jinja.


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