Thursday, May 17, 2012

3 Days with Mom Day 2 (Part 1) / お母さんとの三日間 二日目 (パート1)

While my mother is in Tokyo, she requested going to the following places: the Todoroki Valley, Atago Jinja, Kanda Myojin, and Sengakuji.  So today's plan was to go to each and every one of those places.  We were going to have an early start as the weather calls for rain late in the afternoon.  Our first destination would be the Todoroki Valley which is located in Setagaya Ward.  The morning called for beautiful weather and I wanted to take advantage of that.  As we would have to walk down a long stairway, it would be dangerous if wet (and considering that my mother is in her 70s, that would be an added danger).  We left the apartment at 8:00am and took a bus which would take us directly to Todoroki.


At the entrance to the Todoroki Valley Park / 等々力渓谷公演の入り口

Heading down into the valley / 渓谷にいってきます

In the valley / 渓谷に到着

You can hardly believe that you are still in the middle of Metropolitan Tokyo when you're here.


Mom enjoying her walk in the valley.


The river beneath the bridge is the Yazawagawa River.


Its still early so Mom is full of energy.


It appears some child has lost a shoe.


Chigodaishi Mikagedo / 稚児大師御影堂

I think I may have to come back here in the fall to see the colors of the leaves change.


Inari Dai Myojin in the Todoroki Valley / 等々力渓谷にある稲荷大明神

Kannon statues / 観音像

Mom with the Kannons (sounds like a rock group)


A frog!


Another frog at the bottom right corner.


We walked up another set of stairs to check out the Todoroki Fudoson, one of Setagaya Wards 100 Scenic Spots.


Temple Details

Daishi-do / 大師堂

As we entered the shrine from the valley, on our way back to Todoroki Station, we walked out of the front gate.


Near the station, we came upon the two buildings above - the Suzuki family's house and storage.

駅の近くに発見した二つの建物 ‐ 鈴木家住宅穀倉。

Our next stop - Atago Shrine and the "Shusse no Ishidan".

次の目的地 ‐ 愛宕神社と出世の石段。

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