Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Walk around Yushima Seido and the Holy Resurrection Cathedral / 湯島聖堂と復活大聖堂(ニコライ堂)の散歩

No, that is not an error in the title.  I walked around Yushima Seido (not be confused with the more popular Yushima Tenman-gu or Yushima Tenjin as most people call it).  The Yushima Seido is located right across the street from Kanda Myojin.  The area around Yushima Seido also encompasses the Shrine of Confucius, Shrine of Shinno and the Site of the Shoheizaka College.  And not too far from Ochanomizu Station is the Holy Resurrection Cathedral which I also took a short look at.

いえ、タイトルは間違いっておりません。湯島聖堂の周りを散歩しました。湯島聖堂は湯島天満宮(湯島天神)とは違うんです。湯島聖堂は神田明神の向かいにあったので、探索してみた。湯島聖堂の周りにあるのは孔子廟(こうしびょう)、神農廟 (しんのうびょう)と昌平坂学問所跡。御茶ノ水駅の近くに復活大聖堂(通称ニコライ堂)もあって、そこもちょっと覗いてみた。

Map of Yushima Seido / 湯島聖堂の地図

Yushima Seido (Taisei-den) / 湯島聖堂 (大成殿)

Kyodan Gate / 杏壇門 (きょうだんもん)

Ema Stand (Most of the prayers were to pass exams) / 絵馬 (やっぱり合格という文字がいっぱいありましたな)

Nyutoku Gate / 入徳門

Statue of Confucius / 孔子銅像

Gyoko Gate / 仰高門

The wall around Yushima Seido / 湯島聖堂の周りの壁

Heading back towards Ochanomizu Station crossing the Kanda River.


The following pictures are of the Holy Resurrection Cathedral.


But instead of heading directly back to the station, I had to check out the specialty hard rock/heavy metal cd shop (and made a couple of purchases as well) but that's another story.


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