Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bistro Taberoya / ビストロ タベロヤ

Who says two guys can't go to a French restaurant.  Yep, after having a few beers and a bunch of deep-fried morsels, my friend and I went in search of another restaurant for a regular dinner.  First we checked out this Italian place but it was reserved for the evening.  Then we thought about going to this izakaya but bagged that idea.  Then we found ourselves walking along one of those back-alley type roads and came upon this little French bistro called "Taberoya".  It looked kind of homey so we decided to have our meal there.


Oh my, it's been a while since I had myself any French cuisine.  It might have been at my friend's wedding who I was dining with. We had a bit of everything it seems and it was all delicious! 


First, an appetizer of shrimp and ham.


Crab & crab miso mousse that you spread on the bread.  Yummy!!

カニ肉とカニみそのムース、トスと和え。 美味しい!

While eating at a French restaurant, one must order the standard escargot!


France is also known for its cheese so we had to have a cheese dish as well.  These are cheese canapes.


For our entree, beef with a red wine sauce.


We did not forget our veggies as we ordered a salad with our meal.


Ooh, these were awesome!  Scallops with a garlic butter sauce!


And a beef steak with the chef's special sauce.

そして、牛ロース・ステーキ チェフのおすすめソース。

Lets see, am I forgetting something?  French restaurant.  Something to drink with our meal.  Beer?  Of course not.  Its a wine night.  First we started off with a red.  A Garriottine Malbec (I'm not a wine connoisseur so don't ask me how to describe the taste).

僕は何か忘れてますかね?フランス料理店と言えば。料理の共に飲むのは?ビール?違うでしょう。やっぱりワインですね。最初に飲んでみたのは赤。ガリオッタン マルベック (私はワインには詳しいくありませんので、味の説明は勘弁して下さい)。

Next, we had to try a white so we went with a Riesling Trocken 2010 from Reichsrat von Buhl.

次は白。選んだのはライヒスラート・フォン・ブールのリースリング トロッケン。

Oh, no we did not order bottles.  We only had a glass each.  And finally, we had a Sauvignon by Louis Eschenauer.


A very nice place.  I think I might have to come back here with Mikako some time.


A fair selection of wines if you're into that kind of thing. 


Bon Appetit!



lvroftiques said...

Hey Ern!
Michael said to tell you that your food sounds "Frenchenese" Ummmm Crab & crab miso mousse? Last time I was in France they must've forgotten that miso mousse *winks* Everything looks delicious though! When we come to visit I want to go there...J'aime la France!Lol! Please tell Mikako "Bonjour" from us. Michael & Vanessa

Rurousha said...

Butter, garlic, red wine in the sauce and in the glass ... bliss. Man cannot live on rice and green tea alone. :D

Tokyo Ern said...

I suppose I should of said French style Japanese restaurant. "Frenchenese" it was.

C'est tres bon!

I do enjoy wine every now and then.