Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Street Performers Festival in Sangenjaya 2011 / 三茶de大道芸 2011

Here are a few of the street performers and walking art pieces we saw at the Sancha Street Performers Festival:


The first walking art piece we saw was called "nani-sole".  We saw it as we were leaving Carrot Tower.

最初発見したウォーキングアートは「ナニ・ソレ」。 キャロットタワーの中で見た。

While still inside the Carrot Tower, we also saw Sylvain Leblanc "Mr. Golden".   A street performer from Canada.  If you give him a coin, you will enter his comedic world.

まだキャロットタワーの中に今度はカナダから来たストリートパフォーマー、シルヴァン・ルブラン (通称ミスターゴールデン)を発見。彼にコインあげるとなんか面白い事が始まるらしい。

While we were headed towards the food booths, we came upon another walking art piece - Mr. Fix!

屋台村がある場所に向かった途中でまたウォーキングアートを発見 ‐ ミスター フィックス!

Um, okay - Bald Naked Golden Boys?  See what happens when you don't take the programs home, you can never remember all the artists and pieces of walking art.

ううん?なにこれ?ゴールデンハゲ軍団? やっぱりプログラムを持ち帰らないとどういうアーティストかウォーキングアートは全員覚えられない。

Looks like there was another festival going on as well as you can see the portable shrine in the center of the picture.


Ooh, kinda scary!  Another walking art piece called "Mitama".


Taiko drum performance at the entrance Seiyu.


The following pictures are of a performance that we actually watched from start to end.  A balancing act from China called the "Chugoku Zatsugi Geijutsu Dan".


He was pretty awesome, but he was like the opening act before the headliner.  He was also the emcee for the final performance which featured a beautiful lady.


Nope, that's not a ladder.  Those are chair balanced on one another.


Still not impressed? 


Now this looks pretty awesome!!

これはどうだ? 凄いしか言えない!!

Show is not over yet.


Yeah, she was awesome.  I managed to post a short video clip on my Facebook page.

彼女は最高でした。 自分のFacebookページで動画も載せた。

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