Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Food & Drinks at Sancha de Daidogei 2011 / 三茶de大道芸2011の飲食

Watching street performers and walking art is only part of the fun of the "Sancha de Daidogei" [Sangenjaya Street Performers Festival].  What's a festival without food and drinks?  Local shops and restaurants set up food booths and food courts around different areas where you can enjoy craft beers and shochu, standard festival fare like yakisoba and yakitori and lots more!

三茶de大道芸の楽しみは大道芸とウォーキングアートを見るたけではない。祭りの言えば飲食でしょう? いろんな場所に屋台村もあって、地ビールや焼酎、祭りの定番の焼きそばや焼き鳥、いろんな食べ物があって楽しすぎる!

After sharing a beer at the top of Carrot Tower, my friend and I enjoyed a cup of Hoppy!


Now, on the food!


Yes, that's cucumber on a stick.  Quite delicious, unfortunately didn't eat any this year.


Sign for "Radio-yaki".  A Sangejaya specialty - it looks and tastes like a regular takoyaki to me though.

三軒茶屋の新名物 ‐ ラジオ焼。 でも見た目も味も普通のたこ焼きしか思えないな。

Those sausages look good!  / ソーセージが美味しそう!

Thai-style grilled chicken / ガーヤン、タイ風焼き鳥

These were yummy! / これも美味しかった!

At another food court area, we treated ourselves to some "hatto jiru" from Iwate Prefecture.


That would be a picture of a Korean star on the bottle of tea.  I can't remember who it is but Mikako knew right off the bat.


A couple of craft beers from Kura Beer from Iwate Prefecture.  I ordered a stout and a weizen.


Yep, you can say we spent more time eating and drinking than watching the street performers.  But hey, we were having fun so who cares!


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