Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Walk around Hanazono Jinja / 花園神社の散歩

You know, I've been living in Japan for over fifteen years and I've been passed Hanozono Jinja many times.  There used to be a rock event that was held nearby as well.  However, I never really took the time to check out the shrine itself.  On Movie Day, when I still had time before checking out the second feature of that day, I decided to check out Hanazono Jinja.  Doesn't it seem strange that this shrine is located right near the Kabukicho District of Shinjuku.


One of the entrances to Hanazono Jinja


Hanazono Inari Jinja / 花園稲荷神社


Kaguraden / 神楽殿

Hanazono Jinja's Hondo / 本堂

Although the Hondo is quite grand, I found one of the smaller temples to be even more picturesque, especially with all the toriis that lead to it.


This is actually the main Torii for Hanazono Jinja / 大鳥居

A pleasant little walk before catching a second feature at a different theater.


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