Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Walk around Setagaya Kannon / 世田谷観音の散歩

This was going to be titled "A Walk around Shimouma" but as Shimouma turned out to be mostly a residential neighborhood, I focused my walk around the Setagaya Kannon Temple, one of Setagaya Ward's 100 scenic sites.


Setagaya Kannon Sando / 世田谷観音参道

Kannon Temple Hondo / 観音寺本堂

Tokko Kannon-do / 特攻観音堂

Tokko Tai refers to the Kamikaze and this is a temple dedicated to those who lost their lives during World War II.

Monument to the Kamikazes / 神州不滅特別攻撃隊之峰

Yume Chigai Kannon / 夢違観音

Whatever bad dreams or bad experiences you had and do not want to remember, you can pray to this Kannon and will change your dreams into good ones.


Rokkaku-do / 六角堂

Sazare Ishi / さざれ石

This isn't a very large temple nor is it a very old one, but I find walking around the grounds quite peaceful. 


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