Saturday, September 17, 2011


I know it's been a week since I've posted anything, but it's not for lack of material.  After checking out the Setagaya Kannon Temple, I decided to check to see if a cafe that Mikako and I had previously been to was still in business.  It was a small cafe called "Watashinchi" in a residential neighborhood.  I found the same location but discovered that the small cafe had turned into a French bistro.  It was closed when I went there, but on the same road in the same residential neighborhood I discovered this small Italian restaurant on the corner.  I had already had lunch and it was too early for dinner so I stopped in and snacked on some olives while enjoying a glass of wine.


The sign says it's "Coffee Time".

My choice of wine was a white from France called Domaine Astruc Chardonnay.


The olives weren't your regular black olives or the more popular Greek Kalamata olives.  Nope, OTTO serves an Italian olive, I'm not sure if heard the name correctly but I believe these to be Castelvetrano olives which originate in Sicily.  I may have to come back here and try their food menu next time.


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