Sunday, June 5, 2011

Maui Vacation (Day 2) Wailea Luau / マウイ島旅行 (2日目) ワイレア・ルアウ

My sister and Tyrone checked into their condo which was located right across the way from my friend's.  After settling in, it was time to head to the Wailea Marriott Resort and Spa for tonight's highlight - the Marriot Wailea Luau!


At the front of the Wailea Marriott / ワイレア・マリオットの前

Heading towards the Luau / ルアウの会場へ行く道

Tyrone enjoying the beach before the show / ショーが始まる前にタイローンがビーチを探索

This is an imu (an underground oven) where a pig is being cooked

これは“イム”。 土の下で豚が蒸してる。

Around 5:30pm, is the unearthing of the pig from the imu.


The lovely couple enjoying the free bar as well (included in the price of the luau).


My wife and sister with the ocean in the background / 海がバックで嫁と妹のツーショット

As the sun sets, it was time to enjoy dinner along with the show.


Our dinner.  Check the Marriott website for the full menu and program. (URL at the bottom)

今夜の夕食。フールメニューはマリオットの公式サイトでご覧下さい (URLは下記で書いてある)

Mustn't forget the dessert table / デザートテーブルは忘れずに

*Although I took a lot of video clips of the show, they did not seem compatible with this blog.


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