Friday, June 3, 2011

Maui Vacation (Day 2) Kihei Aloha Ice Cream Parlor / マウイ島旅行 (2日目)キヘイ・アロハ・アイスクリーム・パーラー

Having had our fun at the beach, it was time to head back and wait for the arrival of my sister and her husband.  And then the five of us would head back to Wailea to partake in a Hawaiian luau.  But since we still had some time, before we had even made it to the island, my friend said we definitely have to experience Lappert's ice cream.  Who are we to argue?  However, the ice cream shop near my friend's condo has changed it's name to Kihei Aloha Ice Cream Parlor, but the sign on the door says, "featuring Lappert's Ice Cream".

ビーチでたっぷり遊んだあと、そろそろコンドミニアムに戻って妹夫妻を待つ。夕方には5人でまたワイレアに戻ってハワイのルアウを楽しむ。まだ時間もありまして、私たちがハワイに来たら必ずLappert's Ice Creamを食べるべきと言われた。友達を信じて次はアイスの店へ。店の名前が変わったみたいですが、使用してるアイスはLappert's。

I must say every day was ice cream weather when we were in Maui.  Mikako and I both chose two different flavors.


Mikako chose two fairly standard flavors - strawberry and Hayden mango.


I decided on a super-premium ice cream and chose the Mauna Kea's Secret which consists of white chocolate ice cream swirled with raspberry sorbet and loaded with chocolate chips and chocolate brownies* (ingredients from Lappert's menu).  I also had a scoop of Mini Peanut Butter Cup and Fudge.


Bon Appetit!


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