Thursday, May 19, 2011

Haneda International Airport / 羽田国際空港

Yes, I am back from Hawaii.  Okay, we got back last Friday but we had no time to rest as my mother-in-law and nephew were coming to Tokyo from Aomori.  The wife and nephew were going to go to the BIGBANG concert at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture (BIGBANG being a very popular Korean boy's pop idol group), while I showed my mother-in-law around Tokyo.  Anyway, before writing about our trip to Hawaii, I thought I would share with you the newly opened Haneda International Airport.  After Narita International Airport had opened, Haneda became a domestic only terminal.  It has only recently become an international hub.  Yep, our flight is leaving from Haneda.  We'll be flying on Hawaiian Airlines.


As our flight wasn't until near midnight, we arrived a little early at the airport so we could check out the new International wing.  I don't know if it was because of the March 11 9.0M earthquake or because of the time or the fact that there still isn't a large number of international flights from Haneda, the area look pretty deserted when we there.  The shopping area was modeled after Edo and looks very nice but I thought there would be a lot more shops and restaurants but that was not the case.


As we woudn't be in Japan for a few days, my wife and I always have a nice Japanese meal before leaving.  I treated myself to some curry rice topped with a pork cutlet.


And I have created my own tradition having my pre-travel beer!


After having our pre-flight meal and beer, we still had time so we wandered around the terminal checking out the night view and airplanes.


Now, just a matter of time before we get on our plane and take off to Hawaii!



blukats said...

You should have been there on 3/11, it was really crowded. Actually be glad you weren't.

I know a lot of the shops and restaurants in the Old Edo part aren't open late so that might be why it wasn't busy. Also Delta and American Airlines that were landing in Haneda suspended service to Haneda after 3/11 because the demand for flights to Japan dropped. Delta is suppose to resume in June and American in July.

lvroftiques said...

It sure looks like a cool airport to me Ern. I can't wait to see pix from the Hawaii trip!
We FINALLY have some sun here in Wash. I was seriously wondering if we were ever going to get some. V