Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Menya Zero 1 / 麺屋 ゼロワン

Last Saturday after my doctor's appointment and before getting my hair cut, it was lunch time.  Recently, I had noticed that a new ramen shop opened in our neighborhood so I thought now would be a good time to check it out.  The place is called Menya Zero 1.  Their main ramen was something called bushi kei ramen.  This particular ramen has a main broth thats a mix of pork and fish.  I ordered the special bushi kei ramen which includes a flavored hard-boiled egg, charshu, and 3 large slices of seaweed.  Quite delcious.  I will definitely eat here again.

この間の土曜日、自分の通院の日で髪切る前の時間にランチタイム。三軒茶屋に新しいラーメン屋がオーペンしたので、今日はそこに決定。店の名前は「麺屋 ゼロワン」。お薦めのラーメンが武士系というものでした。武士系とは豚骨魚介系のハイブリッドラーメンと言われてる。今日注文したのは特製武士系ラーメン。特製のほうには半熟味玉、チャーシュー1枚とのり3枚。や~、結構美味しいでございますね。必ずまたここに食べに行きます。

Tokusei Bushi-kei Ramen / 特製武士系ラーメン

Bon Appetit!


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