Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Manten Ramen / 満天らーめん

And yet another ramen shop we went to and I neglected to write about. A few months ago a friend of mine gave us tickets to see a children's performance at some hall in Ningyocho. As the show started sometime in the afternoon, we decided to grab a bite to eat and nearest place that was open was this ramen shop called [Manten Ramen]. Seeing the large poster of one of their latest ramen's, "Shanghai / Sechuan no Kyosho Bunji Aihara Style Tantan-men" I knew what I was going to order, while Mikako ordered their regular tantan-men.

また紹介遅れのラーメン屋です。半年前位友達から人形町にある劇場のチケットを貰いましたので、その舞台が一時か二時位に始まるということで、その近くに昼食を食べようと思った。店が少なく、唯一空いてたのはこの「満天らーめん」の店。店内に入ると壁に貼ってあたポスターを見て、今日のラーメンが決定:「上海・四川の巨匠 相原文治流 坦々麺を注文。美香子は普通の坦々麺をチョイス。

Bunji Aihara Style Tantan-men / 相原文治流坦々麺

Just seeing the word Sechuan on the poster, I assumed this was going to be one spicy bowl of noodle. In actuality, it was rather mild. It was still delicious and the ramen shop makes their own noodles. We still had time before the show was to start and it was such a nice day that after we finished our bowls of ramen, we went next door and treated ourselves to some taiyaki ice cream at a place called Suitengu Taian.


Tantan-men / 坦々麺

Of course the regular tantan-men was delicious as well. I found it to be spicier than the bowl of ramen that I ordered but what the heck.


Bon Appetit!


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