Monday, February 28, 2011

A Walk around Ekoda / 江古田の散歩

This is the first neighborhood walk post for 2011. I thought I would start fresh and do one every week, but as you can tell, that's not happening. For one thing, this walk was taken sometime in January. For another thing, this wasn't my first time walking around this neighborhood. I've been here before some ten or more years ago. This area is known for having Tokyo's only Israeli restaurant which I had been to before. I thought I would have lunch there again knowing it was still in business. But as always, I will save the restaurant post for another time.


Of course I had lunch before walking around the neighborhood. The first place I walked around was was the Ekoda Ginza Shopping Street. Unfortunately, I didn't take as many pictures as I should have as this area was reminiscent of Showa era Japan. One area looked like a miniature version of Tokyo's Tsukiji Fish Market. I also came across a miso shop that featured over 20 different kinds on display.


The first point of interest I discovered was the Sengen Shrine located right near the station.

最初に気になったところは駅の近くにあった浅間神社 (せんげんじんじゃ)。

Sengen Shrine / 浅間神社

What was more interesting was the small mountain called Ekoda Fuji that was located behind the shrine. Unfortunately, it is only opened to the public three times a year - January 1 - 3, July 1st, and the second Saturday and Sunday of September. July 1st is a Friday, so I won't be able to walk up Ekoda Fuji until September of this year.


Entrance to Ekoda Fuji / 江古田富士塚の入り口

This architecture of this building caught my attention as well. On a closer look, I discovered this to be the Nihon University College of Art.


There wasn't much else of interest around Ekoda aside from other ethnic restaurants, so I called it a day and headed home.


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