Friday, January 7, 2011


Some time after the Bon Jovi concert and before the next live show I went to, a friend of mine said let's do lunch. It just so happens that there was a place I had been wanting to check out but just didn't yet have the opportunity to do so. But now my friend gave me an excuse to check out this place. I was curious because the store sign outlines Aomori Prefecture (hometown of my wife). The place is called [Woody's]. The sign advertises the place as a Japanese Dining Bar and Curry Shop. I decided to try their curry - a garlic cream cheese curry it was. My friend, along with his soon to be 3 year old daughter shared a meal consisting of a rice dish topped with a mound of tofu, a poached egg and burdock root. We also shared some salmon.


Garlic Cream Cheese Curry / ガーリッククリームチーズカレー

Rice bowl with tofu, poached egg, and burdock root / メニューに何丼だったか忘れた

Salmon / 鮭

The food was great, the atmosphere was nice, so we decided to have an informal birthday party here for my friend's daughter Rino and his wife Aki. I was dying to try the house specialty's garlic cream cheese nabe. We also ordered a variety of other dishes as well.


Garlic Cream Cheese Nabe / ガーリッククリームチーズ鍋

Aomori style oden and a bean salad / 青森風おでんと豆サラダ

Some squid / イカ

And more curry, this is a beef gristly curry / これは山形産の牛すじカレー

The birthday girl Rino with her new Curry-pan Man present.


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