Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ningen Isu Mini Live / 人間椅子ミニライブ

Last month I decided to watch a show at my place of employ. It was a band called Ningen Isu. Japan's Black Sabbath. I've actually seen this band in concert quite a few years ago and thought they were one of the coolest bands. I think I had all of their CDs at one time (but I may have sold them some time between when I saw them and now). The show was in support of their DVD release. As this was a store event, I figured they would play maybe three songs or so and that would be that, but I was happy that they played for almost an entire hour! It felt like I was watching an intimate club show. I was surprised that my wife was familiar with this band but I had forgotten one important thing - this band is originally from Aomori Prefecture!


Set List / セットリスト

1. 鉄格子黙示録

2. 恐怖!!ふじつぼ人間

3. どだればち

4. 冥土喫茶

5. 黒猫

6. 赤と黒

7. 幸福のねじ


ENCORE / アンコール

1. どっとはらい

When I went to work the next day, I had a surprise. I received an autograph from the three band members (thanks to a co-worker of mine) and it was signed to me as well. How cool is that?


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