Thursday, December 9, 2010

Onoji / 大野路

After enjoying the Shiroito Waterfalls and Fuji Safari Park, it was time to head back to Tokyo. But first, we had to stop somewhere for lunch. We came upon this nice little restaurant called [Onoji]. We were actually looking for a place that served houtou (a one-pot udon dish) which is indigenous to Yamanashi Prefecture and cannot be found in Shizuoka Prefecture which we were currently in. This restaurant is part of the Onoji Camp Site. As we walked into the restaurant I noticed a signed picture of the disgraced Nori-pi (Noriko Sakai). While Yukio ordered the zaru soba with tempura, I opted for a buttered stir-fried beef dish, while Mikako and Reiko decided on the pork nabe set.


Zaru soba / ざる蕎麦

Tempura / 天ぷら

Stir-fried Buttered Beef Set / 牛バター炒めセット

Yum! / 美味しい!

The Pork Set / 豚鍋セット

After lunch, we took a short walk and came across Totoro!


We made one more stop at a service area for snacks and a nature break. It was here that I found a melon bread shaped like Mount Fuji. And they were freshly baked and so delicious!


Oh no! We ate Mount Fuji!


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