Monday, November 22, 2010

Shiroito Waterfalls / 白糸滝

After spending the night in Nishifujinomiya, we were going to head to the Fuji Safari Park. But the park doesn't open until 10:00am. So first, we headed to an area called the Shiroito Waterfalls. I didn't know what to expect, but I can tell you that shiroito translates to "white thread".


Entrance to the Shiroito Waterfall area / 白糸滝エリアの入り口

View from the bridge / 橋からの眺め

View of the other side of the bridge / 橋から逆の眺め

Nope, this is not the Shiroito Waterfall, this is the Otodome Waterfall. The name of the falls has an interesting history which you can read about in the following picture.


Another view of the Otodome Waterfall / 音止滝

Old style rice cooker / 釜戸

Bottles of ramune chilling in mountain spring water / わきみずで冷えてるラムネ

Shizuoka Prefecture is famous for tea, but it's also known for its wasabi!


You enjoy some wasabi ice cream as well / わさびソフトもありますよ

And now for the Shiroito Waterfall. This being the fall, the surrounding autumn colors gives us a breathless view.


Shiroito Waterfall / 白糸滝

The above pictures may give you an idea of how large the waterfall actually is.


Yes, we are tourists! / はい、観光客です!

It was about time to leave for the Fuji Safari Park, so we headed back to the parking lot.


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