Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kita Sakaba [Tetsu] / 北酒場 「哲(てつ)」

Continuing my post about our recent trip to Lake Kawaguchi and the Fuji Safari Park, after leaving the Autumn Festival, we made it to our hotel in Nishi Fujinomiya without incident. It was another hour and a half drive or so. But you know, we wouldn't just check in and sleep. Of course we had to go out to the nearest izakaya which was located right across the street from our hotel.

小旅行のネタのつづきです。河口湖紅葉祭りを堪能したあと、そろそろ静岡県の富士宮を目指した。ホテルに到着したあと、そんな直ぐに寝るわけないでしょう。ホテルの近くの居酒屋に行きました。店の名前は北酒場 「哲」。

The stairway to the second floor is found behind this sign.


And now for the bar food.


Chicken Wing / 手羽先

Cucumbers with plum sauce / 梅キュウ

Shizuoka style oden / 静岡風おでん

Our oden assortment included some radish, an egg, rolled cabbage, konnyaku, and some other stuff.


Grilled garlic skewers with miso / にんんく串 味噌タレ

Cheese covered tomatoes / トマトのチーズ乗せ

Fujisan Nihon-shu / 富士山日本酒

Travel buds - Reiko and Yukio / 旅行仲間 ‐ レイコと幸男

Tomorrow will be heading to the Fuji Safari Park.


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