Monday, November 8, 2010

Random Photos / ランダム・写真

It's been a while since I did post with the random pictures I took so today seemed like a good time as any. After the Furusato Shibuya Festival, I walked around areas of Shibuya that I don't usually venture off to.


"Water Wheel" in front of the former Shibuya Kokaido (the building is currently called the C. C. Lemon Hall) / 元渋谷公会堂(現C.C. Lemon Hall)の前にある“水車”

"Peace Bell" also at the Shibuya Kokaido / “平和の鐘” これも渋谷公会堂にある

Peace Bell / 平和の鐘

Nakayoshi / なかよし

I had to do a little research on this to find out what exactly was the "February 24 Incident" which this cenotaph commemorates. It was an attempted coup d'etat in 1936 against the current goverment by a few young radical military men who wanted to restore the Emperor back to the throne and honors the 17 activist soldiers and citizens who were shot to death. Interesting what you find out when you walk around without any plans.

歩き回ったら“二・ニ六事件慰霊像”を発見。“二・二六事件”はなんだろうと思って、帰ってから調べました。Wikipediaを読むと「1936年(昭和11年)2月26日から2月29日にかけて、日本陸軍皇道派の影響を受けた青年将校らが1483名の兵を率い、「昭和維新断行・尊皇討奸」を掲げて起こしたクーデター未遂事件である。」 ぶらり歩くとこうゆう物に出会うですね。

This is an object in front of the Japan headquarters of AMWAY! Did I say AMWAY? Yes I did!


Mural on some building, I'm not sure what it's supposed to be / ある建物の壁画、何を表わしてるかさっぱり分かりません

Portuguese restaurant - Manuel. Glad to see it's still in business. I definitely must eat there again - their food is great!

ポルトガル料理店 ‐ マニュエル。まだ営業してるのは嬉しい。前に行った事があって、ここの料理は最高。近いうちにまた行きたいな。

Such a cute little building / ビルがちっちゃくて可愛い

Pedestrian underpass / 地下道

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