Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nissin Cup Noodle Pizza Margherita / 日清カップヌードル ピッツアマルゲリータ風ヌードル

A new convenience store just opened down the road from our apartment so now we do not have to cross the really busy road to get some drinks or snacks. The place just opened last Wednesday and I decided to take a peek inside today. The first thing that caught my eye was Nissin Cup Noodle's latest flavors - Pizza Margherita and Chicken au Gratin. As you can see from the above picture, I decided to give the pizza flavored noodles a shot.


Okay, it wasn't bad. Probably like having your noodles in a bowl of tomato soup. It definitely wasn't as bad as the New England Chowder flavor they released some time back. Probably not a flavor I will buy again, but I just love the novelty of what Nissin comes up with. I will try the chicken au gratin next time.


Bon Appetit!


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