Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lake Kawaguchi Autumn Festival (Part 1) / 河口湖紅葉祭り (パート1)

Last week, Mikako and I with a couple of friends went on a short trip to Yamanashi and Shizuoka Prefecture. We were going to spend the night in the city of Fujinomiya. Before heading to our hotel, we went to Lake Kawaguchi to check out the autumn festival which was along the way. We left after Mikako got off work on Saturday and headed south sometime after 6pm. It was about a two and a half hour drive to Lake Kawaguchi, but we were looking forward to the autumn colors that would be lighted up at night. The following day, we would be heading to the Fuji Safari Park.


Before checking out the autumn colors, we decided to grab a bite to eat from the several food booths to choose from.


The food booths / 屋台村

First we warmed ourselves up with a bowl of miso soup with mushrooms / 最初に食べたのはきのこ汁、体が温まる

Cute sign for the wild boar & pig soup, but it appeared that there was hardly any meat left in the large pot.


Pot of wild boar & pig soup / ししぶた汁

Of course we had to check out the autumn colors that were close to the food area as well.


This is not the main area / こっちはメインの場所ではございません

While my friends were ordering yakisoba across the way, I had to try the Fuji Burger.


The Mount Fuji Burger Stand


Mount Fuji Burger / 富士山バーガー

I passed on trying the Moung Fuji Go Go Burger though that has 5 patties in it.

富士山Go Goバーガーも気になったが、普通の富士山バーガーにした。このバーガーはパティが5枚重ねのバーガーだ!

Lake Kawaguchi at night / 夜の河口湖

Heading to the main area / メインの場所に向かってます

Nearing the main area / メインの場所が見えてきた

To be continued...


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