Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ern's Monthly Visual Victuals (October 2010)


I can hear you already saying "What? Only two films this month?" And one of those being a music documentary that was probably aired on VH-1. Yes, it's true. I didn't watch a lot of movies this particular month. The simple reason being the fact that I was watching old Japanese super hero shows from the '70s which I decided to save for a separate post. In fact, I was debating about adding the Sabbath title here under the label of films or doing a post on its on and labeling it music. Well, since I only watched one full movie this month, and that being aired on network television, the Sabbath documentary ended up here. I'm still in the middle of watching another super hero from the '70s as well but have been taking an extended break from it. Anyway, here are the two films that I watched in the month of October.

BLACK SABBATH : PARANOID : CLASSIC ALBUMS (2010) – Before seeing Ozzy at this year’s Loud Park festival, I had bought his new album “Scream”. At around the same time, I discovered this DVD about the making of Black Sabbath’s second album, “Paranoid”. This album is special to me because it was the first record I ever bought (with my own money). As I was still in the 5th grade, I used my monthly allowance (which at the time was about $10.00 a month) to buy it from Track Records in the Villa Plaza (longtime Lakewood residents will know what store I’m talking about). There is no doubt that this album is a classic! It sounded great when it first came out back in 1970 and it still sounds great today! It’s a program that tells that story behind the songs – the writing, the recording sessions, etc based on interviews, old film footage, and the original multi-tracks twith the band’s engineer Tom Allom. There is nothing greater than the original members of Sabbath – Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, and Bill Ward. And you mustn’t forget those classic tunes – “War Pigs”, “Iron Man”, “Faeries Wear Boots”, “Hand of Doom” and of course the title track “Paranoid”! Apparently, this DVD is part of series made by Isis Productions and distributed by Eagle Rock Entertainment. I imagine it was shown on VH-1 in the States. I’m looking forward on purchasing a few other titles in this series. I will never grow out of listening to hard rock and heavy metal. Can’t wait for next year’s “Loud Park”!

THE ISLAND (2005) – It was broadcast on network television so I decided to watch it again. This stars Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson. To put it simply, this is a blend of “Coma” x “Logan’s Run”. Sometime in the future, a group of people work in an isolated environment, a type of Utopia. The one thing they all look forward to is winning the lottery to go to “The Island” (That would be Carousel in “Logan’s Run). However, one of the residents, Lincoln 6 Echo discovers the truth about the facility. That they were “harvested beings”, that there is no “Island”. They were clones made to provide organs and such to their sponsors (a la “Coma”, even though the coma patients did not realize their organs were being harvested). He saves his friend Jordan 2 Delta and together they seek out their sponsors to get help in showing the world what this facility is really doing. Of course the creator of the facility cannot let that happen and hires a mercenary to hunt and kill Lincoln 6 Echo and Jordan 2 Delta. Still, a decent science-fiction film that will keep you entertained.

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