Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thai Festival 2010 (Part 1) / タイフェス 2010 (パート1)

Okay, so I'm a month late on writing a post about this year's Thai Festival. I have so many things to write about that its hard to keep up. Anyway, back when I lived in the States, I made an annual pilgrimage to a food festival as well - two really, "The Bite of Seattle" and "The Taste of Tacoma". But moving to Japan, I had to find different food festivals to attend to satisfy my culinary yearnings. Thank heaven for the Thai Festival!


A display of tuk-tuks which you could also purchase as well, but I doubt that they would replace Tokyo's taxi anytime soon.


Every year as the festival gets more popular, it gets more crowded as well. So, with my friend Suga, we went early (around 9:30am) to claim an area for the day. There were some booths that were already serving food, so we started eating and drinking after setting up our little territory. Our other friends would be joining us around 1pm so until then its time to eat, drink and be merry.


Now for the first batch of food items:


Tom Yam Ramen / トムヤンラーメン

Korat style Grilled Chicken / コラート風焼き鳥

Cheese & Thai sausage spring roll / チーズとネームの春巻

Chicken Rice? / チキンライス?

Stir-fried noodles / タイ風焼きそば

Yum, nice & spicy / 美味しい、ちょっとスパシー

More grilled chicken / またグリルチキン

To be continued...


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