Saturday, June 12, 2010

Freshness Burger / フレッシュネスバーガー

Yep, I have introduced this burger shop before. But I'm going to introduce you to their veggie burgers that I've eaten as well. This doesn't mean I will stop eating meat by any means but having a veggie burger every now and then is probably good for my body. The first veggie burger is the Vegetable Bean burger. This patty of this burger is made with three types of beans (garbanzo beans, red kidney beans, and green peas) mixed with oatmeal and is served with tomato, lettuce, onions and cheese. It's quite delicious.


Ad for the new Vegetable Burger Beans / フレッシュネスバーガーの最新作のベジタブルバーガービーンズ

Vegetable Burger Beans / ベジタブルバーガービーンズ

Today, I had one of their Tofu Burgers. Aah, don't give me that look. I have tofu burgers before but none of them ever tasted like this. What were those health food places thinking of. The Freshness Burger Tofu Burger is made with real tofu of course and is topped with a mildly spicy sauce, tomato, lettuce, and avocado. Best tasting tofu burger I've ever eaten.

今日はフレッシュネスバーガーの豆腐バーガーを食べました。そうゆう目で僕を見ないで下さい。アメリカでも何度も豆腐バーガーを食べたことあるが、こんなに美味しいものではなかった。何がアメリカのヘルスフードだよ? ここの豆腐バーガーの豆腐はもちろん。それにトマト、レタスとマイルドでスパイシーなソースが乗って、あとはアボカドですよ!

Freshness Tofu Burger / フレッシュネス豆腐バーガー

Tofu Burger Set with Onion Rings / 豆腐バーガーセット、オニオンリング付

Bon Appetit!


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