Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Walk around Nakano Broadway / 中野ブロードウェイの散歩

Last weekend we went to the other Akihabara, Nakano Broadway. Mikako had never been there and was curious to check it out. Unfortunately for Mikako, I was the one who was more entertained with all the anime figures and other related items. Still, it was a nice day for a walk.


We also thought we would shop for Mother's Day here as well but heck, this is Nakano Broadway, nothing to be found for our mothers. But we knew we were sure to find some place nice for lunch.


As we were walking around the shopping area, it was noon and we found a nice little beef tongue restaurant and decided to eat there.


I ordered the beef tongue and tongue stew special which included soup, rice, and salad. Mikako ordered just the beef tongue special.


But on our way to lunch, we passed by this dango shop that was giving off this heavenly scent so we had to go there for dessert. There were four different kinds on offer: isobe, shoyu, mitarashi, and an. What's a dango? Its three small omochi balls on a skewer. Isobe is dango wrapped with nori (seaweed). Shoyu is soy sauce. Mitarashi is a sweet and sour sauce, and an is a sweet bean paste. We ordered one each of isobe, mitarashi, and shoyu.


It was so delicious!!


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