Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cherry Blossom Viewing / 花見

Sunday, April 6, 2008. Yoyogi Park. It's a beautiful day. As you can see from the picture, the day we had our hanami was a week after the the flowers were in full bloom. You can see a lot of green blended in with the pink. But once everyone starts drinking, nobody really looks at the blossoms. I even bought a couple of special Japanese microbrew dark beers for myself. My friend 21ban went to the park early to nab a spot before the place got crowded. Not only was it a nice day, but there was also a charity event for Cebu Island taking place at the same time. However, none of us bothered to check it out though. Not even the food booths which consisted of Thai ramen and Turkish doner kabobs. Doesn't the Philippines have cuisine of their own?


This is the beers I bought. It's made by a company called Baird Beer based in Shizuoka
Prefecture. I chose a stout and a porter. Both dark beers. I think the labels are pretty cool too.


Our hanami was mostly a pot-luck affair but we didn't bother making anything at home. Instead, we bought a bunch of gyoza from a gyoza chain restaurant called Ousho (which I featured on another post). So, aside from gyoza, there was some penne, some chicken nuggets, some onigiri, banbanji, and well maybe it would be easier for you to visualize by checking out the picture. And of course there was a lot of beer and even wine.


Here's my friend Tetsu with Shoei (Mari and Nori's kid) and I never did get the name of the cute girl. I'm not sure who she came with. We enjoyed good food and good company and called it a day around four in the afternoon. And finally one last group picture to remember this day by.


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