Monday, July 3, 2017

Loud Park 16 (Day 2 Part 1) / ラウドパーク 16 (デイ2 パート1)

Day 2 of Loud Park 16. I'm back once again. I left home around 8am so I could be in the Saitama Super Arena before 10am to catch the first few groups set close to the stage.


First up was a band that consisted of only two regular members - a guitarist and the vocalist. The name of the band is Fury of Fear. Japanese power metal with a sound reminiscent of the '80s. There is no set list for this artist.

最初にステージで立ったのは日本出身のアーティストFury of Fear。現在正式メンバーは二人。ギタリストとボーカル。音は80年代のジャパメタルな感じ。前年ながらこのアーティストのセットリストはございません。

And it looks like this year Loud Park got some sexy pinup idol to introduce bands on the Ultimate and Big Rock Stages.



Set List:
1.Cross of Babylon
3.The Fateful Dark
4.(New Song)
5.Scavengers of Mercy
6.Minority of One

Today, the third stage would be called the Extreme Stage with mostly death metal bands playing. I went to check out the first act that would be featured on the Extreme Stage because I knew one of my friends was going to check them out and I thought I would look for her.



Unfortunately I couldn't find my friend in this crowd.


Set List:
1.Pleasure of Torture
2.Punch Me if You Can
4.Malice Against
6.A Day to Remember

Another Japanese artist, Kuni, was playing the same time slot as Nocturnal Bloodlust on the Ultimate Stage. As I had seen him perform before, I missed his set. It would have been interesting to see was his backing band this time around. Last time I saw him, Mark Slaughter of Slaughter and Frank Banali of Quiet Riot was part of his band.



Well damn, it looks like Jeff Scott Soto was singing. He's my second favorite vocalist after Uriah Heep's David Byron. Tony Cardenas on bass, who used to play for Great White and Darren James Smith on drums (Harem Scarem and Red Dragon Cartel). Sorry, no set list for Kuni's performance.


Then it was time to head to the Big Rock Stage for The Dead Daisies. Another super band featuring the likes of John Corabi, Doug Aldrich, and Marco Mendoza to name a few.



Set List:
1.Midnight Moses (Alex Harvey Band cover)
2.Make Some Noise
3.Fortunate Son (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover)
4.Long Way to Go
5.Join Together (The Who cover)
6.The Last Time I Saw the Sun
8.Helter Skelter (The Beatles cover)

Loud Park 16 coverage continues...


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