Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Komaba and Yagumo Ramen / 駒場と八雲ラーメン

Journeying back in time to my life in Tokyo. One day my wife and I decided to walk from our apartment to an area called Komaba. As we were walking through Komaba, I spotted a friend of mine doing a bit of shopping at the local neighborhood supermarket. She was one of my informal English students. We decided to have a short visit with her at her home before looking for a place to have lunch.


I spotted my friend Ryoko doing a bit of shopping in her neighborhood.


Somewhere in Komaba / 駒場のどこかだ

We had asked Ryoko if there was a good ramen shop nearby and she suggested a place called Yagumo. So we went in search of the place. The ramen shop turned out to be a ten to fifteen minute walk from Ryoko's home.


The shop was located on the 2nd floor of a large building and there was quite a line outside as well. It would be a thirty minute wait or so. We had spotted this ramen shop the other week and thought about coming here for lunch sometime. It was just coincidence that Ryoko had suggested this place.


This place was voted best ramen two years in a row (2013, 2014). I can't believe we haven't come here earlier.


Although we are in the shop now, we are still waiting to be seated.


The view from inside the ramen shop.


My wife and I both ordered the same item. The shiro dashi tokusei wantan men.


And it was delicious!


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